“Over 3 sessions I was able to get my perspective back”

I was feeling stressed with work and just life in general, overthinking nearly every situation. I knew I had to do something to make a change. I had medication from the doctor but felt that it was just numbing me rather than resolving the underlying reasons for why I was feeling so lost. I searched online for counselling and found Healthy Chat. I sent an email and had an appointment within a few days.

Jennifer is very easy to talk to, I felt at ease straight away (which is unusual for me). I felt that I could speak freely about work and family issues without her knowing the people, it made it much easier to discuss concerns and specific situations.

By talking things through with Jennifer over 3 sessions I was able to get my perspective back and manage my negative thoughts. Jennifer provided me with an insight into why I was struggling and also empowered me with practical solutions and coping mechanisms, this has been a life changing experience and worth every penny.

Dawn, Manager, Fife, UK [3 sessions]


“You delivered the exact results that I hoped for …”

“Thanks so much Jennifer for helping me find my voice. I now recognise the importance and validity of my own words which is life changing for me. You delivered the exact results that I hoped for, in an environment in which I felt completely comfortable and relaxed. In such a short period of time you’ve provided me with my own life long tools that I can access at any time to overcome any of the challenges that are inevitable in life”

Julie, Business Owner, UK [3 sessions]