Future Business Leaders – Soulful Success!

If I say ‘successful business leader’, think about a picture that instantly forms in your head. What’s the stereotype? Do you still see a suited, tall, heterosexual, white, man sitting behind a oaken, boardroom table? Yes? Well, it’s time for an update!!

Our present day leaders are a much wider diversity – different genders (Anita Roddick, Oprah Winfrey, Irene Rosenfeld), ability (David Blunket, Stephen Hawkins), sexual orientation (Johanna Sigurdardottir, Charles Allen), ethnicity (Barack Obama, James Caan), faith groups (Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu), ages (Mathew McCauley, Cameron Johnson) and all the rest.

As we begin to norm the physical perceptions of what makes a powerful leader it’s freeing up leaders themselves to focus solely on talent and delivering excellence. So how are the most progressive leaders equipping themselves to keep ahead today? By engaging in:

Enlightened thinking: it’s getting to be common knowledge that, proven in metaphysics, what you think about expands. Leaders with a can-do, creative, inspired mind are attracting the most diverse and exciting teams and consequently delivering off-the-chart results.

Responsibility: the blame culture is over. Leaders who give permission to teams to push the boundaries and learn boldly from mistakes are the ones with the future in their hands. This mindset gets rid of limiting thinking fast and attracts success faster and on more levels than just financial. With a gifted and responsible leader – all experience is good experience.

Awareness: new leaders know that success is no longer only about body and mind – about physical prowess and intellect. Today it includes big developments in heart and soul too – emotional intelligence and spiritual connection. Leaders in the know are confident to hold a vision without pushing for the ‘how’; they’re trusting that challenges have a purpose that’s bigger than the bottom line;  and allowing of difference in ideas, strategies, works styles, and contribution.

These 3 characteristics contribute to success with soul. Something rich, meaningful and future-proof for workforces and the customers they serve. Integrating soul in a corporation is more than just progress – this is quantum leap territory.

Who’s for jumping?

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