Attract Abundance – 10 Simple Strategies

business successMy first entry in my brand new blog – woohoo! I thought I’d start on a high … and with a list (that’s my life!!). So here’s the Jennifer Broadley  top 10, for strategies to attract abundance.

1. Think abundantly: filled your mind with the people, places, prosperity and opportunities you want in your life. Go there with your thoughts as often as you can.

2. Act as if: it’s all about  reprogramming the subconscious, so if you’d have conversations with certain people, drive a certain car or wear certain clothes in your dream life … begin to behave like a person who already does that.

3. Speak confidently about what’s coming: don’t smile shyly, or back away from the fact that the sea-view barn conversion that’s on its way to you is on it’s way. When opportunities arise, boldly state ‘I’m going to write the novel when I live in my 5-bed sea-view barn conversion’. The more you believe it, the more you’ll see belief reflected back from others … reinforcing your original vision.

4. Spend time around winners: this isn’t meant to be judgemental in any way, but simply put, if you want to learn more about designer clothing you don’t hang out with gardening experts. If you want a successful business, invest time with those already doing it. If you want to swim the channel, join a club of open water swimmers. It just speeds up the whole attraction process when you surround yourself with people passionate about what you’re designing for your life.

5. Read success stories: there are piles of books out there not just talking about the law of attraction, or universal law generally, but also giving real examples of spectacular results occurring with so-called ordinary people. For ‘light’ metaphysics try Florence Scovel-Shinn, Mike Dooley, and maybe some of the Chicken Soup series. Other people’s successes contribute to our own positive thinking.

6. Develop positive feelings: this is totally key to receiving what it is you’re dreaming about. It’s a skill set like any other, so it requires practice and persistence. Use your outside mind (your power to observe) to be conscious about  the thoughts you’re thinking. When you feel joy, happiness, excitement, expectation and love … observe what your thoughts were right before those feelings came into being. Consciously choose to pick more of the uplifting thoughts. They promote positive feelings and raise the energy you’re putting out there. And what you put out is what you attract back.

7. Trust: it’s normal when the things you’ve been aspiring for don’t arrive this week or this month, to get despondent. Keep your mind away from that place and practice picturing and feeling the satisfaction of the vision again and again. It’s like making yourself go on a run on a rainy day – say ‘I can’ and get on with it.

8. Persist: What you think about MUST become a reality. It’s a universal law. The law works constantly and without exception (like gravity). It’s the people that give up that tell stories that ‘it doesn’t work’. It does. Your home, job, child, travel opportunities – or whatever is the dream – could be round the very next corner. Trust and persist. Once you learn the skill set of manifesting, it gets easier, faster (often) and way more fun.

9.  Engage your senses: it’s simpler to manifest your perfect lover, social contribution or stunning cashmere coat if you can sense it every day. Find pictures of the holidays, family and career you dream of. Look at them often and speak out the reality that ‘I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m Director of my own company and holiday for two months of the year in the south of France’. Listen to music that uplifts you. Watch video of what that looks like. SOAK yourself in the unlimited.

10. Smile: the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual facets of who you are are joined up. When you choose a physical action, it will stimulate the similar actions on the other planes. So smile when you’re thinking about your dream lifestyle. Smile when you wake up. Smile periodically when you’re working at your computer. And your thoughts, heart and soul will raise their energy in return.

Sounds simple? It’s because the essence of manifesting and creating our own reality really IS simple. And mastering the art … well, that’ll come. If you have other strategies that have worked for you to attract abundance  … please share them with a comment below.

I see your light!

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  1. Beautiful article on attracting abundance. I live you 10 simple strategies. They truly are practical and doable. I knew about most of them but needed a reminder to do them. Thank you!!

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