Jennifer Broadley, is a sought-after business and executive coach with 15+ years of experience, and a qualified Human Givens Psychotherapist with a busy private practice. She spends 1 day a week coaching high-performing corporate and business-owning clients by phone or Skype; and then 2 days a week in her therapy practice working with women, men and children from a diverse range of backgrounds, each with a unique and precious life story and, for now, with a challenge to resolve.


In addition to this work, Jennifer hosts a thriving & energetic Facebook Community called Working Mum’s Divorce Recovery.  It was set up for professional women who either parent alone or co-parent their children with an ex, and who want meaningful, genuine Divorce Recovery; the type where you can look back philosophically and be ok with the past, be in the present with deep gratefulness, and look forward to the future with hope and excitement.


She is 16+ years through her own co-parenting journey, happy and grateful to live in a culture where families can be many right shapes and designs – and can thrive when the right mindset and skills are applied. Jennifer developed study, discipline, patience, compromise, listening, learning and persistence to progress to the point she’s at today; and it’s this knowledge that makes up the essence of what she shares with other divorced working mums through her coaching sessions, her private Facebook Group and her wildly transformative A Liberated Life (*ALL*) Program. For more information about *ALL,* you can schedule a time to talk with Jennifer at:


Jennifer was brought up in West Africa, educated in Scotland and lived and worked in Hong Kong, Australia and Indonesia before returning to a London base in the late ‘90s. She now lives on the Aberdeenshire coast and enjoys squash, swimming, and time out with her teenage daughter.