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Change happens faster in business today than ever before in history. Communication, technology, entertainment, sport, medicine, finance and law – all industries are innovating to stay relevant to morphing markets. A leader’s continued success depends now on remaining aware, up-skilled, and brave as ideas, work cultures and strategies evolve. If you’ve reached a point in […]

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Business Owners

Entrepreneurs require a unique set of skills and a healthy relationship with risk. From inception to action to growth takes perseverance. And a business owner’s character must expand in advance of their company’s increased success. If you’ve set up a business which has seen a first or even fifth phase of expansion and you’re keen […]

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Meet the coach

Jennifer is a qualified executive and leadership coach. She’s successfully owned and run an executive coaching practice since 2003. Previous to that, she worked for 15 years in the publishing & media industry both internationally and in the UK leading teams in the commercial, marketing, editorial and distribution sectors.

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  1. “Working with Jennifer focused me towards what I need to do to grow my business. I’ve clarified my goals, I’m 100% more focused and I’m achieving more success than I ever thought possible.”

    nicola, entrepreneur

  2. “Within 2 weeks of working with Jennifer, I’d made significant positive changes in all areas of my life. My thoughts had more clarity, I was setting weekly goals, my communication improved with colleagues.”

    rachael, marketing director

  3. “Working with Jennifer was refreshing. Our conversations gave me perspective. They were business-focused, yet independent and confidential, so I really was able to get the widest perspective before coming back to a set of actions.”

    tim, head of commercial

  4. “Jennifer has worked predominantly with senior executives at the Telegraph. Her coaching has a real impact – empowering staff to choose to re-invest with the company, raising positivity, increasing focus and enabling promotions.”

    louise mason, telegraph media group

  5. “What Jennifer taught me had a massive influence on me getting my recent big promotion. Now I’ve got my dream job AND a vastly improved work/life balance – thanks Jennifer!”

    nick, editor-in-chief

  6. “Jennifer’s been great at helping me establish my goals and stay focused on achieving them. I’ve experienced real benefits both at home and at work which have totally justified my investment.”

    tom, managing director

  7. “The successes Jennifer has had within the Time Warner family are extensive. Jennifer has worked with our most senior Execs to our most challenging creatives and made these transitions with ease.”

    kate dee, time warner

  8. “Jennifer asked me to stretch myself in ways I had not tried before. The net result was a clearer vision of what I really wanted to achieve, a deeper understanding of what that entailed and how to go out and actually do it.”

    david, editor


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Leadership today has never appeared more complex, but the skills needed to lead a business forward and inspire teams remain remarkably simple. Schedule a first chat with Jennifer or call her now on +44 (0)7798 792763 to discuss where you want to be and how Jennifer can support you in getting there.


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