February 9, 2011

Your CEO Legacy

empty corporate meeting room

There appears that there’s more transparency now of the activities, successes and challenges of the world’s blue chip and corporate leaders. Because of this there’s more demand than ever for CEO Executive Coaching (for which I’m grateful!); encouraging impressive innovation, considered risk taking and personal skills development that the rest of the company can model as well as put their faith in.

So what do companies, workforces and shareholders expect today from a great CEO? A simple answer would be ‘perfection’; much like the new generation of strategic husband hunters who are driven by the myth that somewhere a life-partner exists who is kind, considerate, masculine yet empathetic, genius yet approachable, impulsive yet comfortingly predictable; an uber-provider with a family focus, stunningly handsome and with aspirations only for wife and family.

So, let’s prod the CEO myth a bit then. Are we really looking for the complete package – experience, clarity, contacts, motivation, passion, business prowess, intelligence, inspiration, confidence, intuition, authenticity, honesty and approachability? It’s a huge list. And when I look at it like this it seems to me to be SO much to expect from a single person. And what if a leader has risen through the ranks because they have a natural ability to inspire those around them but they’re not the quickest decision maker? What if someone excels in intuitive marketing delivering consistent off-the-scale results but their contacts book is somewhat limited?

Here’s what’s evolving in my view of leadership (my opinion being formed through the increasingly in-demand CEO Coaching I’m delivering); company success increases when diversity is fully embraced.

CEOs and senior leadership teams who understand that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, will invest in their people. And organisations with a diverse representation of employees – across gender, age, race, faith groups, sexuality, ability and disability – can tap into the richness of their company culture to succeed on a global scale.

There are SO many right ways to lead a company to success – and the essence of that comes from the ability of the C-level leaders to inspire, motivate and empower. CEO Coaching expands upon what’s already inside that corporate leader. I know you’re hearing that line from me over and over and that’s because it’s important enough to be repeated … ‘go inside for your answers’. Do all the hard work there. It prompt efficiency, insight, inspired action taking, plus the ability to take your teams and your clients, readers, listeners, viewers and customers to heights never before imagined!


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