Success Intensives

Personal & professional freedom: The VIP 1-day coaching intensive

In the VIP 1-Day Intensive, executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders expand to learn the full range of tools available to them for creating further success going forward. In a very short time they gain:

  • Direction for an exciting and engaging personal and professional future
  • Extensive knowledge of the The 7 Steps to Personal & Professional Freedom® and how to apply them to achieve triumphs and balance with ease
  • Clarity of their personal road map for attracting additional choices, abundance and fulfillment

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I’m good at what I do. I can inspire the people around me to deliver the best results for the products and services we offer to our customers and clients. My leadership gets results. I’ve achieved a good level of success in my career, but if you asked me how did I create that, I’m not sure I’m entirely clear how it all turned out like this.Ambition and a bit of ‘luck’ have got me this far but what I aspire to now is a future that I can truly get excited about; one with more purpose and simplicity, more balance and fulfillment, less stress and uncertainty. And I want those things whilst still having money, choices, and a great lifestyle.

I want to be clear about the spectrum of what is available to me and the people I care about. Am I anywhere close to living to my full potential? And if not, what’s the smartest way to reach it, other than to simply put in more days, weeks, months and years?!”

The VIP 1-Day Intensive is designed for senior corporate professionals – directors, MDs, CEOs, business owners and corporate board members – who are living successfully on many levels. They’ve worked hard, achieved, risked, expanded and put in the hours that have set them apart over the decades. Ambitions have been fulfilled … and they now live with a sense of ‘great … but I just know that there’s more’

So what more is there to work and to life?

It’s a question that expands into exploring:

  • What am I missing here?
  • Is it possible to get better results from myself, my team and my colleagues without increasing work hours and ongoing stress?
  • Why do I have all the trappings of success without feeling fully satisfied?
  • How could I focus less on work without unbalancing everything?
  • Is there more opportunity, fun and adventure out there … or have I already experienced the best life has to offer?
  • Are my work, my family routine, my free time and my frustrations pretty much defined for me from now until I retire?
  • What could more look like for me in work, relationships, health and money?

My clients seek out this VIP solution because they know they have choices, they know there are answers and the faster they access the new knowledge the faster they can implement the changes and experience infinitely more refreshing results.

The benefits you’ll experience as a VIP 1-day Intensive client include:

  • Clarity about your thoughts and emotions and how they’ve contributed to your effectiveness to date
  • Expanded thinking on how to be, do and have more
  • Inspiration about yourself, your teams, your goals, family and free time
  • Insight into the universal laws; a knowledge that’s as ancient as it is cutting-edge, and the key to personal transformation
  • Restoration of your inner genius as you achieve in a day what used to take all week
  • Enrichment of relationships both personal and professional
  • Knowledge of how to use The 7 Steps to Personal & Professional Freedom to eliminateyour frustrations whilst expanding your results

Here’s how we’ll work together:

The VIP 1-Day Intensiveis the only opportunity where clients can work with me one-to-one and face-to-face. We schedule a full day out of the office; a rich opportunity for you to spend time in an inspiring location, uninterrupted and away from day-to-day distractions.This program is aptly named ‘intensive’ because in 6-8 hours you’ll stretch, question, challenge assumptions and expand your thinking, before renewing your confidence, clarity and motivation to take action. Together we will:

  • Explore where you see yourself right now and where you want to be in short, mid and long term
  • Learn The 7 Steps to Personal & Professional Freedom® and how they fit with where you want to go in life
  • Combine training, exploration and coaching to achieve a deep awareness of your personal capabilities and your ability to further succeed
  • Design a step-by-step plan to you achieving all that you ever thought possible in career, romance, home life, fitness, travel, health and wealth
  • Get exclusive results by releasing the shackles of tucked away dreams and shining light on the entirety of your purpose and contribution to our world.

Bonuses for the success with soul VIP 1-day intensive Bonus 1:

6 x 45 minute Executive Coaching phone sessions in the following 3 months. These are designed to ensure that the breakthroughs you experience at the intensive are fully integrated into your work and home life quickly and effectively, confidently creating total personal and professional freedom.Bonus 2: Fully itemised VIP coaching notes for each of your 6 executive coaching sessions. A record of each of your coaching conversations will be emailed within 30 minutes of each call. They will detail your process, breakthroughs, successes, discoveries and commitments to action.

Bonus 3: Unlimited email access to Jennifer for the term of your coaching program. You will have access to Jennifer’s priority email address where she can be updated on your successes, or available to you for any questions or feedback. You have a guaranteed response time of 2 hours inside which Jennifer will reply to your email in full

“The ‘intensives’ proved successful. Just right for executive level”

“What I enjoy most about working with Jennifer, is she treats every assignment as a unique relationship, and ensures she understands all the dynamics involved before putting forward a proposed coaching schedule.

The successes Jennifer has had within the Time Warner family are extensive. Jennifer has worked with our most senior Execs, to our most challenging creatives, and make these transitions with ease.

Another core skill of Jennifer’s I was keen to mention, is her ability to run very successful ‘coaching intensives’.

This approach has proved very successful at both IPC and Time Warner, with many Executives citing this is just the right type of support for their level.

We have several of these days, and they continue to be fully subscribed. To me, this really shows the depth of Jennifer’s skills, that even within a short intense session, she can evoke a commitment to behavioural change.
Kate Dee, Executive Director, International People Development, Time Warner

“Enabling senior executives to focus on the top priorities”

My experience of working with Jennifer Broadley in the last 5 years is that she’s consistently good and offers a very high standard of coaching. She takes a forward thinking, long term view with executives and senior staff and gets consistently high standards of feedback from all people who have been involved in working with her.

She encourages free thinking, enabling people to find their own solutions to work-related issues as they progress. She also had a great range of tools and techniques that she’s able to share with top talent to help them find new ways of doing things.

Jennifer has worked predominantly with senior executives at the Telegraph. Her coaching has a real impact – empowering staff to choose to re-invest with the company, raising positivity, increasing focus and enabling promotions.

My experience of offering on-going coaching to top talent is that it is one of the best ways to help
this unique group of people to grow and develop and to be the best they can be in the work place.

Jennifer really does help people to understand how work fits in to the greater scheme of things, providing real perspective and enabling focus on the top priorities. She has been great at helping executives to think like leaders, instead of managers, and I don’t believe this is something you can easily teach.
Louise Mason, Head of Learning and Development, Telegraph Media Group, London

“My new way of communicating gets more effective results”

“I was new to executive coaching but was keen to find an independent mentor to talk through ideas, my personal development, career goals and how to go about achieving them. The independence and confidentiality factors were key as I knew the coach would offer me objectivity hard to find in colleagues with vested interests.

Initially, Jennifer asked me to stretch myself in ways I had not tried before. I considered and discussed things more than I’d done in the past. The net result was a clearer vision of what I really wanted to achieve, a deeper understanding of what that entailed and how to go out and actually do it. I quickly discovered that the coach does not give you the answers but instead provides the framework and prompts for you to discover the answers yourself. Jennifer made me work out what had to be done to make those things happen which in turn had further positive knock on effects I simply couldn’t have known about.

The coaching helped me not to count on processes that I’d previously fallen back on. The focus of an executive coach helped me to keep accountable for doing what I said I’d do and move forward with speed. Since the coaching I’ve continued to realise that clarity and action is what makes a difference. I don’t put things off now or wait for them to begin to happen. Plus, I’ve adopted a new way of communicating within the company that gets different, more effective results with many of those with whom I work.

I’d definitely commit to ongoing executive coaching for the future. It’s helped me drive things forward at a faster pace and explore avenues that I might not even have known were an option.”
David Dinsmore, Editor, The Scottish Sun

“I’d be front of the queue for this type of director’s development”

Executive Coaching with Jennifer was a first for me. I’d worked with the FT for over 10 years and my area of the group (Financial Times Business) had grown significantly in a very short time – as had my responsibilities and the numbers in my teams. My intention in working with a coach was to review my style of working; to communicate more effectively, to motivate my teams, and to ensure that I was working to my utmost in what was becoming an increasingly demanding role.

Working with Jennifer was refreshing. Over a period of 3-4 months we got clear on what I was already doing well, where I wanted to see improvement and what my strategies were for making that happen. Our conversations gave me perspective. They were business-focused, yet independent and confidential, so I really was able to get the widest perspective before coming back to a set of actions.

My business expectations have changed considerably since working with Jennifer. I have a different awareness of myself, of my impact on those around me, and of the goals that I can set for myself and realistically achieve. I also communicate more effectively company-wide and with my external clients – a huge asset.

I thoroughly enjoyed executive coaching and would be front of the queue to be part of an initiative where it was an ongoing part of a director’s development. And I’d recommend Jennifer to any senior media professional.
Tim Baker, Head of Commercial, Financial Times Business, UK

There are no limits to what you can be, do and have

The Success with Soul VIP 1-Day Intensive is the catalyst for a new way of thinking and a life of freedom and fulfillment. When we’ve mapped out the next year and beyond of your life and you’re equipped with a fresh tool kit for creating greater health, wealth, happiness and success you will check in with yourself and acknowledge that your investment paid off!When you live a reality where your relationships are positive and you spend quality time with your family; when your fitness is uplifting, your work is meaningful, your confidence is raised and you have fun on a daily basis; when you know yourself as a conscious contributor to the progress of our planet – then you can rest assured that your life is one of enlightened choices and personal freedom.

You deserve good things. I invite you to take the next step and call me for a complimentary conversation to openly discuss your short, mid and long term aspirations.Twice the success in half the time – that’s the fast-tracked intention for all my clients … and for you too.
Call Jennifer directly to book a 30-minute first conversation: 01674 832939.