November 6, 2010

Prosperity – what some?

dollar bill close-up

From the moment we’re born we start to give meaning to what we see, hear, taste and feel. We learn the values of our family, the expectations of society, what’s going to make us happy and what to steer clear of. In those informative years, what did we learn about money, wealth, prosperity?

In some house holds conversations about prosperity, or financial success, are rare. Maybe you were taught some lessons about investment or perhaps you just had pocket money handed out once a week and you formed a spending habit unique to you. Maybe your experience was cautionary ‘money doesn’t grow on trees you know’, ‘you only get rich if you work hard’, ‘money is the root of all evil’; or your ‘facts’ were comparative, ‘people like us don’t earn money like that’, ‘you can’t be rich and spiritual’, ‘the rich get richer – the poor get poorer’.

Whatever your experience I’d like to offer you some new truths about prosperity:

  • Changing your beliefs is a pre-cursor to changing your income
  • If you want a different financial result you can choose to reinvent your relationship with money and make a spontaneous difference.
  • Money, like air, is around us all the time. It’s an expression of energy and attracting it is a skillset – you learn it, you got it.
  • Affirmations speed up the money manifesting process. Try these: ‘money flows to me in multiple sources on an ongoing basis’, ‘wealth is who I am’, ‘I attract money with ease and grace’, ‘prosperity is my norm’.
  • When you’re ready for increase, set your mind on a figure that your sub-conscious can realistically buy into. So if you’re top ever annual earnings were £50,000, don’t set your next one at £900,000 unless you’ve done the internal shift work to ensure your subconscious is convinced. Pick £100,000 and work at increasing it from there.

Taking financial leaps in the past I’ve rarely done on my own. It takes new knowledge and often new courage. I’ve experienced increase a number of ways – hiring a success coach, taken advice from experts via books, or spent more time around people with greater business success. One things for sure though – if you want greater prosperity that you’re experiencing at this moment – the power lies 100% in your hands.

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