February 7, 2014

Executive coaching Aberdeen – who’s in?

Industrial complex

It’s a funny question to ask: who’s in for executive coaching in Aberdeen isn’t it? Why be so specific about a town, why be so focussed on senior leaders (CEOs, MDs, board members and senior directors)? And what are the benefits of answering ‘yes’ to this question? Are those who’ll benefit genuinely aware of how life could be richer (on every level)?

During the past 7 years UK businesses, like the rest of the world, have had challenges above and beyond anything experienced in 2 perhaps 3 generations. Funding from banks hit industry after industry, loans were called in, borrowing diminished, expansion came to a halt, businesses became leaner by cutting costs which meant jobs had to go, and with that tens of thousands of families had to make adjustments – some were major.

So, did this global financial adjustment impact all countries and all industries? Or have there been isolated sectors that have been relatively untouched (have some perhaps even thrived)? Well, here’s what doesn’t stop in the UK – a nation has to eat, a nation has to keep warm, a nation has to move its people and products around country and world in order to continue to trade. So food, energy and transport – untouched?

About 4 years ago I moved my family and my business out of London, 450 miles north to the east coast of Scotland. It was a temporary move for 18 months to allow me to write a book and to launch a new business brand. I arrived … and I stayed. In contrast to much of the country what I noticed was that Aberdeenshire was relatively buoyant in its industries. Energy, oil, sub sea solutions and supply, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals production were all continuing to hold their own … and in some cases they were expanding.

Energy in particular – which is what Aberdeen’s success is majoratively built on – continues to expand at an extraordinary rate.

So what does this mean for those leading the way in energy production, delivery and supply? It means that, for now, those leaders may well feel untouchable or they may feel under pressure – perhaps a bit of both. ‘It’s not going to stop any time soon’ (perhaps not in their own lifetime – not so for the next generation); ‘we don’t have time  to look at what’s coming next, there’s still so much to deliver now’; ‘we’re still expanding – it’s all good’.

And those are not necessarily unhealthy mindsets to have for a CEO, an MD or a senior direct – a company needs them to be convinced as well as convincing.

So what is the value of an executive coaching in this scenario? It’s almost too huge to quantify. It only takes a glance at the list below to see why it makes sense though. Executive coaches are hired by senior executives to ensure that those carving out the future success of their industry:

  • Are clear, inspired, motivated and motivating
  • Have a plan for both product and people expansion
  • See the opportunities long before they make sense to the competition
  • Remain balanced in work and life
  • Are creative and convinced when it comes to risk taking
  • Have characters and lifestyles that inspire people to aspire
  • Consciously seek to do business with integrity, resilience and grace

Back to the original question then. If it’s an executive coach in Aberdeen you’ve worked out your company needs, (or in fact in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Manchester for that matter),  and if the above benefits sound attractive to you, I’d say you’re a step away from a breakthrough.

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